Posts for September 2007

Sitecore certification

Sitecore is a .NET CMS system developed in Denmark by Sitecore A/S. We are starting to use the product more and more at work.

Today I attended the second Sitecore development course in Copenhagen, "SCD2". So now I am a certified Sitecore developer ;-)

Sitecore is a rather good CMS system (in my humble opinion). Some of the forces is that is easy to extend, and extensions can be created in well known technologies such as .NET controls and XSLT transformation (amongst others), and one can choose whichever is best for the task at hand. My impression is that it has a good and well-structured API, and that it is very stable. I am looking forward to do some real development work using the techniques I learned today.

NEF File reader is on hold ...

I have not had very much time to blog nor work on my NEF file reader project for a while. It has been turbulent and busy times at work, lately.

This post is just to let you know, that the project is curently on hold. Perhaps I will resume it later, when I have more free time at hand. If anyone is interested in a peek at the source code as it looks now (incomplete and raw), please let me know; and I can mail it to you. There is not too much functionality, however. The largest obstacle in getting further with the project, is the need to decode the Huffman-encoded sample bit lengths embedded in the file - I have not resolved this yet.