About me

So, who am I ? 

My name is Dennis Riis, and I am currently employed at eBay Classifieds, in Århus, Dennmark, where I work on DBA, the leading classifieds site in Denmark. I work as a Developer & Software Architect on a small SCRUM team. Our primary technologies are ASP .NET MVC and C#, but I am also proficient in C, C++, Java, Visual Basic ("classic" ASP) as well as many others.

I am a Computer Science Engineer. I graduated from Ingeniørhøjskolen i Århus in january 2006. Other than general programming and algorithms, I also followed courses about embedded programming, communication theory, amongst many others. As such, I have competencies in the following areas:

  • General object-oriented programming (most experience in C# and C++)
  • Embedded programming (Windows CE, microcontroller, and various proprietary real time operating systems in C or assembler)
  • Digital Signal Processing - image and audio, manipulation, analyzing and compression.
  • Image processing in general.
  • Project management.

I live in a small town called Farre, just south of the city Hammel. We live in a 70'es house, which we bought in 2011, with my wife and two cats. I tend to have a programming "pet project" going at home. I was born in 1981. When not programming or otherwise working at the computer, these are my other hobbies:

  • Riding my motorcycle.
  • Running.
  • Digital Photography.


This blog is an experiment. I will try to keep it updated with various .NET and programming posts, as well as other stuff that interests me.  It is my intention that the blog posts will be mainly technical, but expect the occational personal posts too.

I will keep the language of the blog in English, so that most people around the world will be able to read it. My native language is danish, though, so please bear with me , if spelling errors or grammatical incorrectness should slip in (or, mention it in a comment, and I will fix it).


You can always send me an email, or, use the Contact page

I encourage you to use the comments feature if you have questions or want to comment on my blog posts. 

Now, go read something else, that is actually interesting ;-)